Concentrating on appellate practice.

>As lead counsel–taking an appeal from the notice of appeal to conclusion
>Writing or drafting briefs for other attorneys
>Consulting on appellate matters or questions
>Trial level research and writing (research memos, memorandum of law, etc.)

Writing Briefs / Trial Level Research and Writing

As an attorney drafting numerous briefs for other attorneys, C. William Michaels has 25 years of experience and will work with you to produce a quality and persuasive brief.

For trial level research and writing, C. William Michaels

has done numerous research memos and pleadings, motions, and memorandum of law

in a range of cases for other attorneys

submitted to Circuit Courts throughout the State of Maryland

Lead Counsel

Available as lead counsel for Maryland appeals and selected Federal appeals (e.g., Fourth Circuit, DC Circuit or Federal Circuit), whether contacted by the trial attorney or directly from the appeal client, and representing appeal clients for conducting the appeal to conclusion.


Also, available for appeals to the Maryland Circuit Court

from the Maryland District Court, Orphan’s Court, or various administrative agencies

(either as memorandum writer or as lead counsel)

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Reasons to Choose Us

C. William Michaels has the experience and the proficiency in the appellate process and the skill in brief writing / drafting to conduct an appeal or to generate a brief that meets your requirements.


25 years of experience in appellate matters, representation, brief drafting and consulting.


All inquiries, consulting, and representation are confidential.


Although the results of an appeal cannot be predicted, the brief drafting or representation will be conducted professionally.

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For brief writing /drafting or for appellate representation, the initial consultation is free.

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