Selected Maryland, or United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, appeals in which C. William Michaels was either lead counsel or on the brief:

The Supreme Court of Maryland

ACandS, Inc. v. Asner, 344 Md. 155, 686 A.2d 250 (1996)

(on the brief for amicus)

Staab v. American Motorists Insurance Co., 345 Md. 428, 693 A.2d 340 (1996)

Anderson v. Anderson, 349 Md. 294, 708 A.2d 296 (1997)

Torboli v. Torboli, 365 Md. 52, 775 A.2d 1207 (2001)

Baltimore Harbor Charters, Inc. v. Ayd, 365 Md. 366, 780 A.2d 303 (2001)

Dorsey v. Bethel A.M.E. Church, 375 Md. 59, 825 A.2d 388 (2003)

(assisted in drafting brief)

Consumer Protection v. Morgan, 387 Md. 125, 874 A.2d 919 (2005)

Hart v. Swaroop, Inc., 385 Md. 514, 870 A.2d 157 (2005)

Macbride v. Pishvaian, 402 Md. 572, 937 A.2d 233 (2007)

Duckett v. Riley, 428 Md. 471, 52 A.3d 84 (2012)

The Appellate Court of Maryland

Baltimore Harbor Charters, Inc. v. Ayd, 134 Md. App. 188, 759 A.2d 1091 (2000)

Blasi v. State, 167 Md. App. 483, 893 A.2d 1152 (2006)

Brown v. State, 171 Md. App. 489, 910 A.2d 571 (2006)

Ridgeway v. Ridgeway, 171 Md. App. 373, 910 A.2d 503 (2006)

Jones v. Rosenberg, 178 Md. App. 54, 940 A.2d 1109 (2008)

Blondell v. Littlepage, 185 Md. App. 123, 968 A.2d 678 (2009)

DOES NOT INCLUDE unpublished opinions where C. William Michaels was either lead counsel or on the brief.

However, recent unpublished opinions from the Court of Special Appeals, where C. William Michaels was lead counsel or on the brief, are:

Butler v. Abbett

(unreported opinion, No. 198, September Term, 2015, issued April 5, 2016)

[negligence—girl climbs a tree at her neighbor’s yard, falls down from tree, injured, neighbors found not liable]


Mohamed v. Abas

(unreported opinion, No. 2614, September Term, 2016, issued October 19, 2017)

[family law—child custody with certain international issues]


Chiu v. Harbor East Parcel C-Commercial LLC

(unreported opinion, No. 754, September Term, 2017, issued July 11, 2019)

[negligence—slip and fall in hallway of commercial lease property, restaurant employee, knee injury, property owners found not liable]


Mayne v. Reed

(unreported opinion, No. 2437, September Term, 2019, issued October 6, 2020)

[complex adult guardianship matter, challenges to appointment of guardian of the person and the property, ward is retired professor with assets over $1 million, appointment affirmed—record extract containing more than 1,000 pages]


Pope v. Pope

(unreported opinion, No. 2005, September Term, 2019, issued October 14, 2020)

[family law—child custody, appellant parent challenges custody order, children moved with appellee parent out-of-state, very difficult visitation schedule, order affirmed]


Elgibali v. City of College Park Housing Authority

(unreported opinion, No. 3452, September Term, 2018, issued November 4, 2020)

[public housing tenants, challenge to administrative decision that found tenants owe back rent, circuit court order affirmed]


Blessing v. Sandy Spring Bank

(unreported opinion, No. 1442, September Term, 2019, issued February 19, 2021)

[commercial transactions, eviction of restaurant managers/owners, dispute over ownership of fixtures, etc., order affirmed but certain aspects of circuit court order remanded]


Snee v. Snee

(unreported opinion, No. 0399, September Term, 2018, issued February 25, 2021)

Kant v, Wells Fargo Bank

opinion issued August 2, 2022

(home equity credit line, enforcement, position as a secondary lien)


Mazzeo v. Farr-Brockman

opinion issued July 29, 2022

(defamation, evidence)

[brief for the appellee]


Horne v. Law Office of J. Calvin Jenkins

opinion issued September 8, 2022

(law office fees, custody dispute, extent of representation, fee agreement, client’s instructions)


Quarles v. Brown

opinion issued May 5, 2022

(residential mortgage foreclosure, enforcement of deed of trust, notice, etc.)


In the Matter of Pardeep Dhillon

opinion issued March 17, 2023

(employment termination, law enforcement officer, charges of posing as another law enforcement officer from another jurisdiction)

[family law—child support]

DOES NOT INCLUDE briefs drafted for other attorneys.

Fourth Circuit

Hartz v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 269 F.3d 474 (4th Cir. 2001)

United States v. Taylor, 942 F.3d 205 (2019) (November 5)
(Baltimore City police officers, members of the Gun Trace Task Force, convicted in federal court on various charges after two-week trial, appealed their convictions, Fourth Circuit affirms)

Robinson v. Genesis Health Ventures, Inc. (per curiam)

Campbell v. BP Amoco Polymers, Inc. (per curiam)

DOES NOT INCLUDE unpublished opinions where C. William Michaels was either lead counsel or on the brief.

DOES NOT INCLUDE briefs drafted for other attorneys.