We have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Michaels throughout the past 25 years.

Chuck’s factual and legal analysis, legal reasoning, framing of issues, and command of written English is exceptional.  We credit him with being a legal pillar of strength, whether joining in consultation, or providing critical legal research, or in any aspect of legal writing.

Stylistically, he rewards us with his intelligence and clarity at every stage of a case.

Whether evaluating the sustainability of a cause of action, or in motions, or briefs, he has worked with us every step of the way, in state and federal trial courts, state and federal appellate courts, and in petitioning the United States Supreme Court.

Nathaniel Fick, Esq.
Maureen May, Esq.
Fick & May, P.C.


The Law Offices of Peter T. McDowell, P.A., has engaged the research and writing skills of Chuck Michaels, Esquire, for appellate work and for legal memoranda submitted to trial courts.  Mr. Michaels’s ability to quickly grasp the facts and issues, perform thorough research and then efficiently produce persuasive and concise briefs and memoranda have been a cost savings to this firm’s clients.  Moreover, his intellect and legal acumen have assisted in producing work of a higher quality.

We have collaborated with Mr. Michaels on numerous papers and briefs over the years. He is congenial, hardworking, and completes the work requested sooner than expected. Mr. Michaels brings many years of experience in appellate work, is intimate with appellate proceedings, with the tedious process of creating record extracts, the proper formatting of briefs.   He has a felicity of expression rarely seen.

I have enjoyed working with Mr. Michaels over the years and hope to continue working with him for years to come.  For a personal testimonial, please contact me.

Peter T. McDowell, Esq.

Chuck’s legal acumen is second to none. He’s always ready to give a spot-on analysis of a litigation related issue and more than capable of seeing any case to a successful conclusion. I would not hesitate in having him take on any issue in any case.

Stephen J. Dunn, Esquire

Law Offices of Stephen J. Dunn


Chuck Michaels has assisted me with numerous appeals over many years. His precision, thoroughness, and attention to detail are evident– from the record review, the record extract, the research– and definitely, his brief writing. He produces quality briefs. His rates are eminently reasonable. And he always completes the work on schedule. I have engaged him on every appeal that originates from my office. I recommend him to any attorney or lay client.

T. Joseph Touhey, Esq.


I have known Chuck Michaels since law school. From my earliest recollection he was respected as a scholar, writer, and advocate. I have had the pleasure of working with him on projects on which he wrote the brief, and can state that his work is well-researched, well-organized, and persuasive.

I can recommend Mr. Michaels’ services to anyone.

Jack L.B. Gohn


Working with Charles Michaels was a welcome pleasure.  The rigors of  implementing an appellate strategy is arduous, and having someone like Mr. Michaels who absorbed the details of a complex case helped tremendously.  He assembled a record extract that was over 500 pages
and wrote cogent briefs for me,  thankfully.  I highly recommend his services.

Chuck Blessing, Jr.


Charles “Chuck” Michaels came highly referred to me by DC Counsel Press as an expert in appellate litigation. I had the opportunity to consult with Chuck on a novel civil litigation case regarding the merits and process of an appeal.

Chuck was retained to write the appeals briefs and assist with oral argument. After a review of the record, Chuck was able to quickly identify the significant appealable issues, even without having practiced in that particular area of law. Chuck himself prepared a two-volume record extract that exceeded 1,000 pages, with transcripts from an extensive court trial, and numerous pleadings and trial exhibits.

Chuck prepared briefs that were meticulous and compelling. Chuck’s expertise was also instrumental in the presentation of oral argument and highlighting the major points for the court.

With Chuck, the appeals process was smooth and stress-free as he is very familiar with appellate rules and procedures. Chuck’s work is top-notch! I highly recommend him for appellate litigation services.

Heather Cherry, Esq.

I was involved in a very complex mortgage case in Maryland.  Charles Michaels was highly recommended to assist me with my case in the Court of Special Appeals. I would strongly recommend Mr. Michaels as an attorney to assist with an appeal. 

To my amazement, he was able to jump right into my case and understood everything involving my case. He read and analyzed my entire case docket. Mr. Michaels has a very strong eye for details, and he is a great writer. He has superior research skills that was very beneficial to finding supporting case law for my case. 

Mr. Michaels was extremely knowledgeable with handling my appeal. He was helpful and courteous throughout the entire appeal process. Whenever I had questions, my emails and phone calls were promptly returned. 

In conclusion, if I ever needed another attorney again, I would hire Mr. Michaels as my attorney. 

Michelle Washington


My name is Chuck Blessing and I have called upon C. William Michaels multiple times while achieving my desired results at the Court of Special Appeals. I am posting another recommendation regarding his services.

His ability to read mountains of pleadings, transcripts, depositions and exhibits while understanding every detail and nuance is remarkable.  

You just need to point him toward the big picture issues and he will cite such while proving such with a ton of evidence, case law and legal code.  Don’t fear an appeal with him as no one is less qualified than me but I was very successful with his appellate consultation.  

Chuck Blessing, Jr